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The sports supplement that is taking the world by force

A scandalous new sports supplement

The most sought-after muscle growth product today is deer antler velvet. Deer velvet contains insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), a hormone which stimulates muscle development. IGF-1 also increases carbohydrate metabolism to provide more sugar to nourish cells, accelerating muscle growth, post-workout recovery and muscle repair. Antler Force is today’s premium antler velvet product. Men who use Antler Force report experiencing explosive muscle growth, increased stamina levels during workouts, and accelerated post-workout recovery times.

Endorsed by professional athletes

Several well-known professional athletes have recently been accused of using deer antler products to gain a competitive edge. Both the NFL and MLB have banned products like Antler Force because they provide players with an unfair advantage.

Experience incredible increases in muscle gain with Antler Force

Muscle Growth

The insulin-like growth factor found in deer antler velvet stimulates muscle and tendon growth, helping you pack on lean muscle fast. Antler Force provides your body with the help it needs to maximize your workout and pack on lean muscle.

Carbohydrate Metabolism

Deer antler velvet causes the body to burn through carbohydrates for energy, converting them into sugar. Glucose, a type of sugar, is one of the key components required for muscle growth.

Cellular Repair

IGF-1 helps transport glucose and amino acids to your muscles. These two components are essential for rebuilding muscle damage and increasing muscle development.

Try Antler Force for yourself and revolutionize your workout.

Simple and safe to use

Most velvet deer antler supplements are powders or pills, which mean they have to pass through the digestive tract before entering the bloodstream; this also means your body doesn’t get much of the full dose in the process. Antler Force's unique sublingual spray makes it easy to absorb an effective dosage. Simply spray Antler Force under your tongue and experience increased workout intensity and unbelievable muscle growth.

Derek H. From Memphis, TN: ★★★★★ 5.0

"I started using Antler Force a few months ago and noticed crazy increases in stamina in the first few weeks. I can do twice as many reps now and I'm looking ripped. I've tried other and supplements but nothing came close to this. Thank you!"

Peter J. From Phoenix, AZ: ★★★★★ 5.0

"When I first heard about Antler Force, I was pretty skeptical but I decided to give it a try. I could feel the difference almost immediately. I've bulked up, my workouts last twice as long and my recovery time is almost nonexistent. Antler Force is amazing!"

Improve Sexual Performance

Many men who have taken Antler Force have also reported an intriguing 'side effect': improved sexual performance. Antler Force doesn’t only increase workout efficiency, it also sends sexual stamina through the roof, giving you the power to go all night and tire out your partner. Plus, it shortens sexual 'recovery time' as well so you can get ready for round two faster.

Women prefer men with a muscular physique in bed!

The Antler Force Difference

Antler Force’s success can be attributed to its top quality deer velvet antler from New Zealand. There are other products in the market, but ours uses only the best ingredients to ensure our customer’s success and satisfaction.

Antler Force contains IGF-1. In normal ranges, IGF-1 in the body aids growth and boosts muscle strength. The hormone also increases metabolism of carbohydrates, bringing more sugars to the cells that also help muscle growth. IGF-1 is made primarily in the liver in response to Human Growth Hormone (HGH) release. Unfortunately as we age we experience a relative HGH deficiency due to a lowered release from the pituitary resulting in a concomitant loss of IGF-1.The vast number of benefits of IGF-1 centers around muscle development and performance. IGF-1 transports glucose and amino acids into muscle while stimulating muscle DNA. For the athlete it means peak performance and quick recovery from intense training or injury.

Muscle Repair
5.0 Increase Sexual Stamina
5.0 Boost In Muscle Strength
5.0 Actual Muscle Growth
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